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Rhodonite Tumbles- The Stone of Compassion

Rhodonite Tumbles- The Stone of Compassion

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Balances emotions

Helps with emotional Trauma healing

Aids in relationship barriers, codependency & self destructive behaviors

Encourages forgiveness and unconditional love

Aids in Defusing heightened states of stress

Helps to release fears and toxic emotions

Heart Chakra 


Small to Medium Size  aprox 2 grams each 

Stones sold separately, one will be intuitively chosen for you. 

The powers of crystals and stones are never a substitute for medical advice.  If you have concerns about your physical or mental health, you should immediately contact a qualified medical professional. 

Mystik Bliss  is not liable for any injury or damages arising from, or in connection with the misuse of crystals. Do not ingest crystals, minerals, or gem elixirs without first consulting a licensed physician.

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