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Kunzite and Green Moonstone Necklace

Kunzite and Green Moonstone Necklace

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The Cancer Collection

Kunzite and Green Moonstone

16” Stainless Steel paperclip chain, Sterling Silver wire clasp, silver plated wire.

Kunzite opens the heart to attract purified love in all forms while emanating kindness, gentleness and positivity.

Helps to unite and balance the heart, mind and emotions.

Encourages trust in intuition and self.

Garnierite / Green Moonstone can help with emotional balance.

A calming stone, helps to ease stress, anxiety, worry & overwhelming feelings.

Helps one to connect with the grounding vibrations of the Earth and the uplifting vibrations of the


This stone is used for replenishment after prolonged deep service or intensive healing work, and is known to nurture the nurturer.

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